Adding New Repeat Billing Invoice

Repeat billing allows you to set up Tally to automatically create an invoice at a set date, at a set interval for a set amount of times or duration.  You also configure Tally to automatically e-mail the invoices and even collect payment via direct debit.  Access Repeat Billing by going to Sales > Repeat Billing.  All your current repeat bills will be listed here.  Please note that repeat bills can’t be created retrospectively, only for the future.

Creating Repeat Billing Invoice

To create a new repeat bill go to Sales > Repeat Billing > Add Repeating Invoice.  Use the Recipient Details section to select the customer and add details to this repeating invoice:

  • Invoice to – Use the drop down to select the customer.
  • Customer Reference – Use this to include a customer reference such as the customers purchase order number.  This will appear on all invoices that are generated for this repeat invoice.
  • Description – Use this box to describe what this repeat bill is for.  This is a private description only and won’t be displayed on the invoice.
  • Automatically e-mail invoice to customer – Tick this box to have the invoice automatically emailed to the customers email address set in the customer profile.  Ticking this also allows you to select an e-mail template.

Use the Settings section to set when, how often and for how long this repeat invoice should be created:

  • Create indefinitely – this will create the invoice repeatedly until the repeat invoice is cancelled.
  • Create set amount of times – this will create the invoice a set amount of times that you type in the box.
  • Create until specific date – this will continue to create the invoice until the date that you sent.
  • Disabled – having this selected will mean that the invoice will not be created.


  • Annually – this will create the invoice once a year on the date selected.
  • Monthly – this will create the invoice once a month on the date entered.
  • Multi Month – this will create the invoice on a certain date on selected months only. Use this to create a quarterly bill for example.  Select multiple months by pressing and holding the CTRL button your keyboard and selecting the months.
  • Weekly – this will create the invoice once per week on the day of the week you select.
  • Every X number of days – use this to create the invoice every set number of days from a certain date.

Use the include a payment function to record a payment automatically against this invoice when it is generated:

  • No Payment – selecting this will not record a payment against the invoice meaning you’ll need to do it manually.
  • Record a payment – selecting this will allow you to record a set payment every time the invoice is generated.  The payment will be dated the same day that the invoice is created.
  • Collect full amount by direct debit – if you have GoCardless enabled you can set up Tally to collect the amount by direct debit.

When you’re ready, click the Add Repeating Invoice button.  An Item on this Repeat Invoice section will then appear.  Click the Add an Item to this Repeat Invoice button to add items.  When you’ve finished adding items, click the Update button.

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