CIS Summary

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Report is based on the Sales and Purchases on which CIS deduction or WHT (Withholding Tax) that has been applied.  It is mainly relevant to customers in the Construction Industry where your customers withhold a percentage of the invoice amount to pay it direct to the tax authorities.  This means that you receive less amount of your invoice from your customers.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > CIS Summary.

Running the report

Use the fields below to set:

  • Start date and end date – this is the date range to include transactions between.
  • Display the report for Sales or Purchases.
  • Based on:
    • Items issued – this is for invoices/receipts that have been raised between the two dates that may or may not be paid.
    • Payments received – this is for invoice/receipt payments that have been received between the start and end date.

When you’re ready, click the Re-Run Report button.

Understanding the report

The CIS report will then be generated with 4 or 5 columns depending on your CIS Report Settings:

  • Customer/Supplier – this is the customer or supplier that you have invoiced or been invoiced from.
  • Date – this is the invoice/receipt date or date of payment.
  • Invoice Value/Receipt Value/Payment Value – this is the value of the entire invoice (less any excluded items that are set in your CIS settings).
  • Less Materials – this is an optional field that is only visible if you have the option for show materials value enabled).
  • CIS Deduction – this is the total deduction for CIS on this invoice/receipt/payment.

The totals of each column are visible at the bottom of the report.  You can also print or download this report by using the Download CSV and Print This Report buttons towards the top of the report.

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