Create a New Quote

To create a new quote go to Quotes > Add Quote.  You’ll then be prompted to enter in customer details, quote details and line item details.  This is the same process that you follow when creating an invoice.

  • Quote Number – this is the unique identity number of the quote.  This can only be numeric and must not already exist within Tally.
  • Customer– select an existing customer using the drop down list, or create a new one by clicking the ‘add a new one’ link.  This will then prompt you to enter in the customers’ details.  You can use the details later on for any invoices you make.
  • Quote Ref – this can be your own reference of the quote or the customer’s reference when they are in communication with you.
  • Date – this is the date that you issued this quote.

When ready, click Add Quote.  You’ll then be taken to the main quote screen; Use the quote details section to amend and update the main details of the quote.  If you do change anything here be sure to click the Update button to save the changes.  Use the Add Line Item button to add a line item.  You can then proceed to add a line item to this quote.  Use the items on this quote section to add or edit any line items. 

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