Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store all different kinds of files online, meaning you can access them anywhere and on nearly any device that has an internet connection (including computers, phones and tablets). Tally has developed an integration with Dropbox that allows you to attach files to customers' records, supplier records, invoices and purchase receipts. This can be especially useful if you’ve got a paper document and want to attach a scan of that to your electronic record in Tally. You’ll be happy to hear that setting up Dropbox and Tally is easy, painless and should only take a minute or two.

Setting Up

  1. First, if you’ve not already done so you’ll need to register for a Dropbox account at http://www.dropbox.com/register - it’s free!
  2. In Tally, click Settings in the top right
  3. Scroll to the very bottom and click Dropbox
  4. Click the Connect to Dropbox button
  5. You’ll be prompted to log in and give your permission for Tally to access Dropbox – click Allow
  6. You can then use the tickboxes to enable dropbox file storage on certain parts of Tally (i.e. just on purchases) or on every part
  7. Click Update

You can now upload and view Dropbox files in Tally.


Uploading Files from Tally

To add a file simply navigate to an invoice, purchase or the notes and files section of a customer or supplier (accessible by clicking customers/suppliers > selecting your customer/supplier > clicking the ‘Notes & Files’ tab) and click the Add File button at the bottom. If you’ve already got a file attached, you’ll see it listed, clicking on it will open it straight away for you.

Disconnecting Dropbox from Tally

If you ever want to disconnect your Dropbox account from Tally, just go to Settings > Dropbox and then click the Disconnect button in the top right.

What happens to my Dropbox files if I ever leave Tally?

If you ever decide to leave Tally and cancel your subscription, all your Dropbox files will remain in your Dropbox account. Dropbox is an entirely separate service and cancelling your subscription with us won’t have any effect on the availability of your files there. For information on Dropbox’s data retention, audit implications, and security please refer to the Dropbox help centre at https://www.dropbox.com/help.

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