Direct Debits - Step 3 - Collecting Payments

This article describes how to collect payments via direct debit.  You will need to have GoCardless set up and a direct debit mandate set up for the customer.

On an unpaid invoice

If the customer has a direct debit mandate set up with you and has an unpaid invoice, you can collect the funds immediately.  Just click Sales > Select the invoice > Click the Take Card/Cardless Payment button.

Automatically when a repeat invoice is generated

If you bill your customer a fixed amount on a regular basis you can use repeat billing to automatically create the invoice and collect the payment.  Please note that a mandate will have to be authorised first.

  1. Click Sales > Repeat Billing.
  2. Then click Add a Repeating Invoice button and enter in all the appropriate details.
  3. At the bottom you’ll see an option labelled ‘Include a payment’ – one of these options is labelled ‘Collect and record full amount via Direct Debit’ – this is what you’re after.  Click that then click the Add Repeating Invoice button. 
  4. If the customer has already authorized you to collect money via direct debit then you’re done!  If not you can send them an e-mail requesting permission with this screen.

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