Document Customisation - Delivery Address on Invoices

We have now introduced the ability to show the customer delivery address on Invoices via our PDF themes functionality.  This feature is only available on new themes and requires a modification to the HTML of the PDF theme.

Creating a New Theme

Customised HTML and CSS is not available on our standard Classic & Clean themes that are included in Tally by default.  Because of this, you will need to create a new theme or copy an existing theme to modify it to show the delivery address.  To create a new theme, go to Settings > PDF Themes > Add New > If you wish to copy an existing theme, use the template dropdown to select the theme you want to copy and use the name field to name this new theme > Create theme.  You can then proceed to modify the HTML using the instructions below.

Modifying the HTML

Once you've created the new theme, you can use the HTML tags below to create a theme that includes the delivery address.  Access your theme by going to Settings > PDF Themes > Select your delivery address theme > Click HTML & CSS tab.  In the Document.HTML tab, use the substitutions below to insert the delivery address where appropriate.  You can choose to include both the delivery address and billing address on this PDF theme, or include the delivery address only.

If you wish to create a theme with the delivery address only you simply need to replace the [RECIPIENT_ADDRESS] tag with [DELIVERY_ADDRESS_MULTILINE].

If you wish to create a theme with both the delivery address and billing address simply split both the address with a <br> tag and include both [RECIPIENT_ADDRESS] AND [DELIVERY_ADDRESS_MULTILINE].

For example; to show the delivery address above the billing you address as DELIVERY_ADDRESS_MULTILINE]<br>[RECIPIENT_ADDRESS] and visa-versa for the billing address above the delivery address.


When you're finished, click the Save & Exit button.

Using this theme

You can choose to use this theme as your default (i.e. if you always want to include the billing and delivery address/delivery address only on every invoice) by going to Settings > PDF Themes > Mouse over the delivery address theme > Click the green tick to set as default.  Or, if you only wanted to do this for one customer you can make it their individual theme by going to Customers > Selecting the customer > Options > Change theme to the delivery address theme.

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