Reconciliation Settings

This guidance advises on the two most important reconciliation settings in Tally.

Reconciliation Date

If you have previously reconciled your statement up until a certain date (usually this is the case if you have moved over to Tally from another accountancy software) then you can specify a Reconcile Date. The reconcile date is the date that you've previously reconciled up until and means that when you begin your first reconciliation the start date will be the day after the date set here. You can set a Reconciliation Date by going to Bank > click Edit Details next to the account that you would like to specify a reconciliation date for and using the Reconciliation Date field enter in the date that you have reconciled until. When you're done just click Update. 

Reconciliation Styles (Old bank rec vs. Split screen bank rec)

Tally currently has two reconciliation styles, in the office we call these Old Bank Rec and New Bank Rec/Split Screen. Old bank rec is due to be discontinued however we are maintaining support for the time being, all new users that sign up to Tally have new bank rec (otherwise known as split screen) enabled automatically. Old bank rec can be enabled by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Untick Split Screen Bank Rec.

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