The Payroll Site

To set up The Payroll Site and Tally intigration just follow these quick steps:

Setting Up

To integrate The Payroll Site and Tally first enable the Tally API by logging into Tally and clicking Settings > API Settings > Tick the box for enable the API, untick restrict by IP address and click Update.


Use The Payroll Site to calculate your pay run as normal. When you are finished, click Confirm payments and then click on the Export button. Within the Accounts System Configuration tab, select the option for 'KashFlow API' and fill in the username, password and nominal codes that you are using within Tally. Once these details have been set, the system will remember them for next time. Click the Accounting Transaction tab and the system will show you details of the accounting transaction.  Click the 'Send to KashFlow' button to send the transaction directly to your Tally account, where it will appear as a journal entry. When you come to pay your staff you will need enter a money out bank transaction for that amount in Tally. The transaction type will be Staff Salaries, the amount will be the amount paid out and the transaction date will be the date the money left your account.

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