WHMCS Troubleshooting

There have been a few queries regarding the WHMCS add-on module.

It’s not a module we developed ourselves so we have no control over it. However, here we try to list some know issues and the solutions.


Make sure your Tally password only has alphanumeric (a–z, 0–9) characters. Other characters like # and ! don’t seem to get encoded properly so tend to cause problems.

'failed to load external entity' error message

If you get this error in your log files then you need to edit your PHP.ini config file and ensure the following line is included and not commented out (ie, make sure it doesn’t have a ; at the beginning)


Only paid invoices are showing

This is by design. The module only imports paid invoices, not unpaid.

No payments are getting applied to invoices

There is a bug in the module, which means it doesn't work well if you only have one bank account when you configure it. To get around this create a new bank account (under the 'Bank' tab) called 'Temp'. Visit the configuration page for the module and you should see an option to select a bank account. Select your main bank account, not the new 'Temp' account. Once you've saved those settings you're safe to delete the Temp account (click Edit Details next to it under the Bank tab) and your payments should now be applied.

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